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When a performance ends at the opera, artists leave the stage, the audience leaves the auditorium, and there is a special aura in the auditorium which relates to energy that can pump you up.  Similar feelings have been preserved in the building which we designed, because this was once a cinema studio where films were produced and music was recorded.  It was important for us to maintain the presence of this unusual energy so that the residents of the building can feel it to a full degree.

In an art-residence type of building, flats are and must be large so as to make full use of the opportunities that are offered by design.  Residents must feel a sense of scope and space.  Loft-type flats in many ways resemble the studios or artists.  Owners can imagine themselves as artists and either create art or at least sense and enjoy the atmosphere of art.


The games of light and darkness during each 24-hour period and the moods which they create are of importance in the emotional status of individuals.  In designing the interior of the building, we felt it important to embody this idea in life so that residents could feel the diverse range of emotions which are felt when lighting changes.

The basic tones are white, black and grey, with a bit of Latvian brown in the mix.


When moving into a flat, there are usually two enormous problems – where to put everything so that you feel comfortable, and how to design the interior so that the flat is nice and cosy for the individual.  Our designers offer original ideas for the functional layout of each flat, and they can satisfy each and every one of your desires.

Daina     Ieva

Daina Gāga                                             Ieva Taranda

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